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Heya pervs!

We have rarely ever seen a model get scammed. When they do get scammed, guess what? We don’t care because its always their fault 100% of the time. If you were dumb enough to believe someone that can barely speak English and clearly has no money that’s on you. If you were not smart enough to get paid beforehand then that’s your fault. We do not have any sympathy for a cam model who gets scammed. But we do hate scammers.

Here’s an actual problem: shitty scamming/racist/insulting models. They know that everything is in their favor and there is rarely anything the viewer can do about it. The websites don’t care as long as they are getting their money. Oh they’ll ban the victim if they retaliate in anyway, but never the scammer. How many times have you reported a model and never see anything come of it?

We’ve all seen it haven’t we? Some of you beta cucks dudes probably watched it happen but you decided to go full bitch and support the model in hopes of currying favor then it happened to you. You’re part of the problem.

So we propose a solution. If you see it say it. Take screenshots, any evidence you can get to show what happened and send them this way (you can also reach us on twitter). This is what models do when they are supposedly scammed right? We’ll investigate and if we find that you truly were scammed we will post them here in our gallery of shame. If it was truly egregious we will go a step further and truly expose them because they are the ones who ruin the experience for everyone. They cause the viewers to distrust and lose respect for the models, the models then treat the viewers increasingly more like opposition and the cycle repeats. This goes for any and all cam sites,,, – all of them.

Lets end that.

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