jen pederson mfc scammer

Jennifer Pederson

Our inaugural piece of shit scammer is an MFC model, the one and only Jennifer Pederson of 4109 S Clubhouse Dr Apt 4902 Salt Lake City, UT, probably. After doing some investigation it appears she’s a methamphetamine junkie and as you might imagine hasn’t had a stable home in a while. One might think thats a cause for her thinking its OK to steal form people rather than a symptom of a larger problem that leaves her in the same shitty life situations.

Jennifer likes to setup Skype shows with people and as soon as the money is sent simply ghost the user.

As you can see here she’s read all the messages from the user and as of today has still not replied back to them. What she has done however is take the payment and block the uers. She’s also found the time to hop on mfc again.

If anyone would like to contact Jennifer to ask her about her scamming you can do so at the address above or,, or You can even watch her express her insanity here We haven’t verified but you can probably call her at 971 239 2079. Her skype is definitely this live:.cid.2118247310539312. Linkedin.

Jennifer Pederson – A solid piece of shit scammer. Personally I think this is the worst kind of scammer. She clearly thinks that she deserves to be able to steal from people and that she’s doing nothing wrong. For that reason, and the fact that we found some weird things going on in the background with this person, we’re not nearly done keep an eye out for more.

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