Racquel Addison

From what I can tell there are a few types of solid pieces of shit out there. Theres the piece of shit that had no intention of actually doing what they were being paid for, those are the worst. But then theres the piece of shit who may or may not have intended to scam you, its unclear – what is clear is that because of their actions they will not be doing what you paid for. Despite that, they keep the money as if its just owed to them for simply existing.

Take this cunt Racquel Addison for example. I believe she goes by on strip chat. Now this piece of shit was asked about scheduling a show. They agreed and the viewer even paid her ahead of time to alleviate any fears of him just wasting her time. While the viewer completed what he was doing they were chatting on Skype. She then goes offline. The viewer asks if she’s going to be returning. 10 minutes no response. She then says yes. 10 minutes later she’s still not returned he asks again, she says yes her “internet froze her”. Another 10 minutes goes buy which is when they should have begain the show he paid for and she says “when did you want to begin the show because I have someone paying me for a session.”

I want to point out once again that she has already been paid by the person she’s asking. He asks her how long she planned to be doing that show and theres no response. Theres no response for an hour. When she does respond she respond with an attitude saying she told him he was in a show. They dont do the show, and she keeps the money.

Racquel Addison of 1500 Sparkman Dr Nw Apt 28g, Huntsville, AL, (314) 603-5175, you are a real piece of shit.

This asshole said she offered to send the money back but they never said yes send it back so she didn’t. You’re probably worse than the person that outright intends to scam with your ability to decide you don’t know the difference between right and wrong. At least the scammer knows they’re being a piece of shit.

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