alexandra hogg scammer

Alexandra Hogg / Elijah Eichert

alexandra hogg $20 scammer

Alexandra L Hogg, 33
(719) 452 – 1380
410 N. 16th St, Lamesa Texas

Elijah B Eichert, 36
(518) 423 – 3105
14 Sidney Ln, Wappingers Falls, NY

Before we begin I wan to point out that we do not know how involved Elijah Eichert is with this piece of shit. What we do know is that we were given their email address for the paypal payment.

Moving on…Alexandra Hogg, aka Jordan Blake, aka Jordan Styles, aka Blake Jordan, aka REAL SHITHEAD can be found on cam4, the various skype show sites, and previously on stripchat. Her account has been deactivated there and I bet I have a pretty good guess as to why.

Because of an email tip off from you viewers (thanks y’all we love this work – keep us busy), we already knew how this shit head would operate. We knew that she was going to overload us with things we didnt ask for like images, gifs, and short video clips, probably to lure us in furhter. Then she was going to tell us we can pay whatever we think she deserves rather than give us a price – i dont know why only scammers do this but I think it has something to do with their ability to justify themselves if they can tell themselves they didn task for the money, it was given to them. We also knew that after the payment she was just going to disappear.

So we messaged her on snapchat, and after waiting a few days for a reply she finally hit us back and immediately started sending us gifs and images. We asked her about a show she immediately gave us her payment methods and told us to pay what we thought was reasonable. We had to go back and forth a few times with her to have her give us a price When she finally us a price we point blank asked her “before we send this are you ready now”, to which she said “yes.” We waited a few minutes and asked her again, she gave uys the same response. We sent the money and let her know it was sent and she was miraculously AFK for about 10 minutes. She then said it was recieived and to give her a minute to get “situated”. That was the last we heard of her. At the time of this posting its been over an hour.

Alexandra Hogg is a certified shit head do not give her your money.

PS – when she scammed the individual who tipped us off she did the exact same thing. Except with him, despite being on camera so he could see exactly what she was doing the entire time, she made up a bunch of lies such as being on the phone, having to take care of a dog, etc…realistically gross and embarassing. This person is a piece of s hit.

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