Where do we even start with this one. Let us just say that we’ve all witnessed this wunderkind in action. If you ever want to just throw away your tokens then this is the person to click on. She is notoriously for ignoring tips, kicking people when they bring up the fact they tipped for something they didn’t do – or just flat out ignoring them. Also whenever someone calls her out on her bullshit she accuses them of being “her stalker” and just go on a kicking spree its insane. One wonders why this person attempted to try to pay her for a show in the first place but we dont judge..

The person who submitted this scammer gave us the logs that detailed them trying to pay her for a show…correction, paid her for a show, and she proceeds to just ghost them. She then starts going on a rant about him not being worth her time. Which may be true but you can actually see what her time is worth and he paid for it so…

Infact he pays her exactly what her price is and then she immediately demands $240 and a video of him on his knees. Seriously. She then says her price is now $50 for 5 minutes.

This person is a true piece of shit.

Will post the screenshots shortly.

In the mean time:

Scammer: Tabatha Hughes AKA Tabatha Shepperd AKA kyblondee AKA blawndee
773 Jefferson Rd
Hueysville, KY

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